Tuesday, July 5, 2011


While looking through my pictures from this past year I realized that, apparently, we really like mustaches around here.
... except when they are on this scary guy:
If you see this sketchy person around, please report him to the Facial Hair Police (that exists right?).  His hair is very dangerous and frequently changes shape so you may not recognize him (most people don't) but keep on the look out because he likes to eat small chubby babies and tickle three year old unti they can barely breath.   Here is his mug shot:
But on a much happier note, this little guy, always looks cute even if we torture him to take funny pictures.
 This little outfit we have just reminds me so much of an old-timey swimsuit that I really thought he needed a handlebar mustache to go along with it.  If I just had a tiny straw hat and some sand this photo shoot would have been perfect (well, except for him trying to pull it off and eat it).