Sunday, March 27, 2011

last minute valentine's day

I love making Valentines, but I didn't really prepare for it this year.  When Jimmy woke up, he found out it was a holiday and was quite surprised.  We got out some stuff to make cards.  We knew people would be getting them late, but it is the thought that counts right?
Then we were very excited when Mimi stopped by to bring us cards.  So she helped Jimmy make a card for herself.
 And then she helped Jimmy make some more and they worked on his cutting skills because she is just a great Mimi.
 Jimmy was very proud of our finished products.  If you are really lucky you got one.  
(Or if you are Jack or Lucy, I still have them in my diaper bag for you and always forget).
Here are a few that I got pictures of before I put them in the mail:
My make-shift garland.
 I had Christmas Cards hanging on here until Valentines Day, so I just took those down and threw up some doilies Mimi gave us and some Vintage Valentines from last year.  
If I cared much about this holiday it would have been a lame one since we didn't do much, but since I don't it was great!

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