Wednesday, March 23, 2011

groundhog 2011

This year we hosted our college's annual Phoenix Alumni Groundhog Party. We had one last year, but it was unofficial.  We wanted to start making the party a tradition at our house so we figured we should host the real deal.  Just like the old days, the night was kind of a blur.... okay not really, but this blurry picture does kind of capture the mood.
Angela made onesies for some of the future alumni.
Kolbe had one too, but he was sleepy so no picture.
Gus on the other hand took an evening nap and then decided to be a night owl and party like a rockstar.
We had a great turnout of old friends and some alumni we had never met before.  
We even had a member of the Board of Trustees--yeah, that's right, we were that official.  
It was a great way to connect to the good old University of Dallas.  We miss it so.
Gus liked the fire.
I see the resemblance to my family in this expression, especially Aunt Emily and Jack.
I guess it is those fat little cheeks.
The last guests of the night!
And lastly, I thought I should give a shout out to the biggest hit of the evening--not the Shiner Keg, but the $6 tub of Cheese Balls. The only reason there were any left is because I promised Jimmy I would save him a few.  We left these two to take the picture, and then quickly ate them.  Seriously, people were gluttons for these things. If people felt sick the next day is was not because of a hangover.  Next year I should buy five.
It was a great time. Hopefully we will get an even better turnout next year. Any takers?

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