Thursday, March 17, 2011

gus gets holy

On January 8, Gus was baptized into the Catholic Church at our parish St. Thomas the Apostle. 
He was a perfect angel the whole time and oh so cute in his little bonnet and dress.
 His godparents are Aunt Emily and Uncle Pete. 
 I just love this one because it fully captures Pete's cheek squeezing obsession.  
Sorry Gus, get used to it with those cubby little things on your face.
 Just like his brother, he slept through the water pouring.
 It was a group baptism and his little buddy Kolbe Kersting got baptized at the same time.
Horray for nice family pictures!
And horray for goofy ones too!
 Emily was holding Gus up so we could get the stars on the ceiling in the background.  It wasn't until later when I looked at the picture that I realized that the light fixture would have made a perfect halo.  If only I had more foresight.  I will make a note so that all my future kids to be baptized at this church can have a picture taken with a halo.
The holy babies.
 We had a bunch of friends over to our house afterwards to celebrate and it was a lovely day.
Thanks to all who came.
God bless.


  1. Mary - your children are sooo beautiful! What a lucky gal. And what a blessing to have such great friends close by to share all your adventures with! I sound like my mom...did I really just say 'gal'?

  2. That first photo of Gus smiling is the cutest baby photo I have ever seen. EVER. Step aside Danny Taber.

  3. Yeah, my kids are pretty cute. What can I say? I am a lucky gal indeed. I think Gus must have a little bit of Danny in him to be so cute, but I mostly see Emily lately and we all know she was such an ugly baby so that is weird.