Friday, March 18, 2011

boys in white dresses

Since everything was a whirlwind on their actual baptism day, Angela and I decided to dress our poor little boys in their pretty white dresses so we could have a little photo shoot.  Good thing they are little and we can still do whatever we want with them.  Sadly, I couldn't find Gus' bonnet (although I have now, thank goodness) so we just had to go without for the pictures. 
 Isn't his gown nice?  Zach's mom's college roomate made it when Zach was baptized at UD some 28+ years ago.  I love having family heirlooms for such things because it makes them seem so special (however, it also made me feels so much worse when I thought I may have lost it).
 Since we didn't have Gus' bonnet, we put these baseball caps on them instead. 
Also, we figured it would make them feel more manly since they are wearing dresses and holding hands.
 I couldn't decide which of these was my favorite because he was making so many funny expressions.
  I think in this one he is saying "Ayyy!" like the Fonze:
 A little apprehensive.
 And this is how it finally ended. 
The funniest part would probably be to have a video of Angela and I as we attempted to take these pictures.  We probably looked and sounded like fools so I am glad nobody was around to film us.


  1. Okay...Gus is the cutest!!! Can't wait to see the pics from your annual St. Pat's party!!!

  2. Gus is pretty darn gussable I mean loveable. How cute is he. Happy to have been there