Sunday, March 27, 2011

elmo day

I have no pictures of my own kids here, but I thought it was pretty hilarious so I should share it.  
My friend Jenny hired Elmo to come to her daughter Tess' birthday party, but Elmo had to cancel and so she rescheduled it for one of our Mom's Groups.  When Elmo came into the house Jimmy just looked at him and crawled into the other room.  He sort of snuck back in, but remained hidden and really wanted nothing to do with Elmo.  He wasn't actually scared like a lot of the kids, but just sort of weirded out.  I think he is just old enough to know that it obviously not the real Elmo and is also that he is slightly frightening.  Other kids were all about him and wanted to hug him. Tess was sort of in awe and shock, but she seemed excited so I guess it was all worth it.

And Suzanne is a nut so you gotta love her.
I pretty much only got good pictures of her kids. 
Here is Josephine looking pretty chill about it all.
Margaret on the other hand was hilarious! It was like she was so overwhelmed by her feelings and emotions that she kept switching from smiling to crying.  She just loves Elmo so much she doesn't know what to do with herself! Suz and I decided Elmo must be like a 2 year old's version of Justin Beiber.
And then just for good measure here are some cute babies.

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