Monday, March 14, 2011

get your kicks on route 66

Flagstaff, AZ is part of historic Route 66. I am kind of obsessed with all the retro signs, sculptures, and other kitsch that is a big part of Route 66. We love the movie Cars at our house and I truly wish Radiator Springs was a real place I could visit (get on that Disney). Someday I want to do a full Route 66 Road Trip, but we had a short one when we went up to see the snow.
Here is Flagstaff in the 1950s.
I wish it still looked like that, but isn't too far off these days (I didn't really get any pictures of it).
Can I just have one of those cars?
I tried to snap photos of any fun signs that I liked or funky old motels.
(Note the sign above: Vietnamese Food and a European Hostess? hmmmmm)
We ate breakfast at the Galaxy Diner which was really cheap and delicious.

And, of course, the atmosphere was fun, too.

We found a park to play at for awhile before we got back on the road.
Jimmy couldn't have been more excited about this Dinosaur to ride on:
And he found a little snow fort.
And this picture I attempted to take just made me laugh:
Then we found one more Dinosaur to ride on the way out of town:
Everyone driving by was laughing at us and waving.
I would think this would be a frequent occurrence, but apparently not.
And then we were headed back home.
We saw the red rocks of Sedona along with lots more beautiful scenery.

We told Jimmy he would win a candy if he was the first one to spot a cactus on the way back, but he passed out long before there were any around. He woke up in Phoenix and said, "I see cactus!" However, there weren't actually any around, he just wanted to win the candy.

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