Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hard to say goodbye

We got too used to having everyone we love around for Christmas.
We got to have a nice last dinner with the Weisses at Los Olivos.
I took some post engagement pictures of Michelle and Ben.
If it hadn't been at night, we might have tried a little harder to get these to turn out, but they are cute just the same. Congrats to them!
A few last family shots by the Christmas Tree at the Scottsdale Civic Center
And then it was time to say goodbye and get back to normal life.
We miss you all!


  1. As I was looking at this post in the Physics Help Lab, and one of the other physics majors asks, "Are you looking at pictures of your nephews? I looked up and you had that smile." Thanks Mary! You're the best and so is your blog! Woo hoo Weisse Guys!

  2. Thanks Nat! You just made my day, too.