Wednesday, March 2, 2011

daddy goes to work

This has been Zach's first year teaching science and math to 6th and 7th Graders at Glendale Preparatory Academy.  It is tough work and super stressful, but he does love it at the same time.  One of the nice parts for our family is that we have normal schedule again.  Our usual morning ritual is as follows
Say goodbye to Dad from inside the house and blow him kisses:
Wait by the window for dad to drive away:
When Dad does drive away he rolls down his window and waves.
Then we repeat the waves and kisses and goodbyes.
Now when this doesn't happen exactly according to plan or if Jimmy thinks for even a second that it may not go exactly according to plan then we usually have a major melt down on our hands.  What can I say, the kid likes things to be the way they should and hates change (where does he get that?).  Sometimes if Jimmy was still sleeping and Zach went in to kiss him goodbye, Jimmy would immediately insist on getting out of bed and doing the routine.  Of course, I then had a cranky, sleepy kid on my hands so Zach just stopped going into his room so that he would sleep in later.  Now I have had to start lying to Jimmy about it.  I usually say, "Don't you remember?  Daddy came in a kissed you goodbye and then you fell back asleep."  Usually he accepts that just fine and says, "Oh" or "Oh, yeah I remember now."  Is it bad to lie to your child just to avoid having them cry?

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