Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jimmy has been a pterodactyl for a week now--sometimes a nice one, sometimes a mean one, sometimes a baby one (who is always nice).  This little pterodactyl likes to fly everywhere (obviously), pop out of volcanoes, capture people, and hug his brother way too hard.  Just thought I would share.

In related news Jimmy is getting pretty good at writing.  His name is a breeze now, but he did this one just by looking at what I had written on another piece of paper.  He ran out of room at the bottom, but he did pretty well on the top one with the exceptions of a backwards L and a misplaced E that actually doesn't belong there at all, but was at the end of the word on the coloring page I was copying from.  Note to self (and anyone who cares) don't trust internet coloring pages if you want your kids to spell dinosaur names correctly.

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