Friday, March 4, 2011

sienna's jolly holiday

My friend Jessica decided to throw her daughter Sienna a Mary Poppins Theme Party at the Train Park.
I helped her a little by pulling out some pieces of my old Mary Poppins costume from college. The coat managed to fit her despite her pregnant tummy.  It was a super fun and cute party so I thought I would share.  I do love Mary Poppins so very much (because I am practically perfect in every way just like her, of course).  There are more details over at Jessica's blog here.
Here the kids could make their own sidewalk "chalk" drawings just like Bert as well as decorate their own umbrella's and kites.
Of course, the little boys were still mostly exited about the train going by.
Jessica even made these "Spoons Full of Sugar."
And then we all said, "Let's Go Fly a Kite"
...well, we tried but it wasn't really that windy.
(Allen here may have been the only one to really get it flying)
We did get a ride on the train and lucky for us Aunt Nat was in town for one day so she got to be the babysitter in the cattle car.
And how cute is this picture?
Then Sienna (still wearing her heavy overcoat that she refused to take off) blew out the candles on her penguin cake and it was quite a jolly holiday indeed.
This picture was Sienna's Birthday present from us.
(I wish I could say I drew it or something, but it is just scanned from a cool old book I have... still, I love it).  I will share more of these later.


  1. I haven't been to bloggy land in so long and I signed onto blogger and there I was!!!! I love your pictures, you got some cute ones. It's so hard to take pictures of a party you're throwing, especially in a wide open space like a park for crying out loud! But...tear, tear... it just makes me miss you all the more!!! Hope you're having a good week!

  2. We miss you too Jess! Come back already... or at least start blogging about you new home.