Monday, March 28, 2011

griffin games

Zach's school, Glendale Preparatory Academy, has a spring carnival called the Griffin Games so we took the boys.  Jimmy had a blast, but what kid hopped up on that much sugar and junk food wouldn't?
The students, of course, love seeing Zach's kids and then they really love sending them to jail.
Jimmy had fun with Bradana as usual.  They love chasing each other and pretending to be dragons.  Sometimes she just chases him to try to kiss him.  This picture was particularly appropriate because Bradonna had told her Dad that Jimmy was her prince.
My prince sure has a tiny head.
 And then it was Jimmy vs. Liam in the Bounce House Obstacle Course.
(okay, it was mostly Zach vs. Will)
It was hard to drag Jimmy away from this thing.

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