Thursday, March 17, 2011

green food

Jimmy tends to be a tough kid when it comes to everything: sleeping, weening, potty training... you get the idea.  Now he may be the slowest eater on the planet (Zach would say he comes second to me), but he is a really good eater so I can't complain.  The only thing he insists upon not eating is onions which he will always find in his food if they are there.  He says he only likes them when Daddy grills them so even onions seems to have a chance with him. He recently told us that he only wants to eat foods that are his favorite color.  Fortunately, his favorite color is green so this is not exactly a deterrent in his good eating.  He has always loved peas, broccoli, caesar salad, and brussel sprouts, but now he loves asparagus and spinach (not cooked and covered in balsamic vinegar).  Some nights he will say things like, "Brussel sprouts and Asparagus are my favorite Mom so we should have both of those!"  Don't get me wrong he still loves Mac'n'Cheese and chicken nuggets, but at least I know he is getting his vitamins in more than just a sugar coated gummy.

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