Friday, April 1, 2011

st. patty's 2011

Horray, it is finally time to post about the Annual Taber-Burch Neighborhood Family St. Patrick's Day Block Party!  Which means my blog is semi up-to-date.... except for all the pictures that I just decided to post later. I felt more like me being seasonally correct than chronological and since it is already April I felt I better do it before Easter rolls around.  However, I am more on top of this than my sister and for once I might actually beat her to the punch about posting something.  For post of years past go here.

So this year, Zach and I had to miss a lot of the big party because we had a wedding to go to.  But both events were very fun and we managed to divide our time well.  I got very few pictures from the real party (see Emily's blog later for that) so a lot of these are from the real St. Patty's Day when we got to have one last horrah in the pub my Dad and Pete built.  Here is what they modeled it after this year:
Here is what they built in the carport:
Here is my family attempting to take a picture in front of it:
Emily made her Valentines Kissing booth a little more Irish for the occassion.
Lucky for me this cute little Irish Rugby player came along when I was working the booth.
Gus had lots of beers with Baabaa.
(and managed to poop through this outfit... hence the many costume changes)
And then we had to bolt off to the wedding while Jimmy got to stay and jump in the bouncy houses for awhile.
Congrats to Katie and Matt!
We made it back for the end of the night and both of my children refused to sleep.  
Gus and Constantine where keeping the dance floor occupied and burning the midnight oil.
Then on the real day, we dressed Gus up like the cute little old Irishman he is deep down inside.
And he had some more beers with Crazy Old Maurice...  I mean Baabee.
And more just because I think he is cute.
Gus and Finn... also cute.
Gus and his Godmother Aunt Emmy 
(And Emily, hate pictures of yourself all you want, but you can't get mad at me for posting this one because it is undeniably cute)
I guess Jimbo didn't want to give out kisses.
I asked Lucy to kiss him for the picture and this is what I got:
Pete's carport pretty much becomes the local pub for the week of St. Pat's.
They even moved the TV out to watch basketball.
Baabee rocks Gus in the rocking chair he made himself
(just thought I should give him his due accolades). 
My piano man. 
And, of course, we had to attempt some family pictures in the photo wall since we didn't get a chance at the party.
Goodnight Pub.
Until next year.


  1. Was your dad born with a wood chipper for a brain? He's AMAZING! I swear a tree gave birth to him. I SO want our family to take pictures in the picture wall. How cam I make this happen?

  2. I forgot, you're up to date b/c you're not on FB

  3. Suz, the photo wall is down for now, but it will be back for next year so make sure to be there. And yeah, no FB is good for me.