Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little radio

Gus got this little radio for Christmas from Santa:
 It plays the song "Farmer in the Dell"
We have made up our own lyrics and they go something like this:
The Daddy takes the Mommy...
The Mommy takes the Jimmy...
The Jimmy takes the Gus...
The Gus takes a Poop...
The Poop stands alone...
Hi-ho the derry-o the Poop stands alone.
 Jimmy thinks this song is hilarious and Gus thinks Jimmy is hilarious.
Also, Gus really loves this toy... especially the small knob he is holding above.  It is usually in his mouth.


  1. If you had one of those things on the side of your blog that lists all of your tags and makes the words bigger by how often you use them, I wonder just how big poop might be... Also, super cute song.

  2. Angela, I think you just created a new tag for the Weisse Guys.

  3. man oh man...that baby is adorable.