Friday, April 15, 2011

photo recreation

One day Gus was wearing the same "pirate outfit" that I had taken a picture of Jimmy in once when he was a baby.  I pulled out Zach's green bandana and Jimmy's monkey to recreate the moment as best as possible.
Glad to see I am a better photographer these days or maybe my model was just more cooperative. 
 These pictures are not meant to reflect the different dispositions of my children.  
As proof of that I feel the need to also include this one:
Isn't it fun to use your children as your own personal play things?
What I really want to do is this.


  1. Shiver me timbers, maybe Jimmy's just more of a pirate.

  2. That's true. Gus is looking a little too jolly to be a good pirate.... in the first one. In the second one, he looks like he is being attacked by pirates.

  3. I agree, Kathleen. Photos of babies crying make me laugh! Maybe that's mean, but it's true.

  4. Gus is jolly cause he just got some boobie ")
    Love the back to the future web site that is awesome. I wonder how they get the places to be the same. I want to try it now.