Sunday, February 14, 2010

groundhog tradition

I realize once again I am behind the times, but if I worried about that then I would never post anything. So Groundhog Day is a huge tradition at our Alma Mater, The University of Dallas. It mostly consists of drinking in the woods, but it is always a really good time with great music and friends and usually a lot of mud. Here are some pictures from old Groundhogs. My apologies to anyone who doesn't want to look at these old pictures of themselves, but really you should just embrace it.

With the Groundhog (our unofficial school mascot)
Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
Senior Year

This year Zach and I thought it would be a good idea to throw our own Groundhog since our backyard still kind of looks like a muddy forest anyway. Also, we just wanted a good excuse to get some UD people together and have a party since we are not ready for an official housewarming party yet.

(Is someone peeing in the background of this picture below?)
We had a decent turnout, but I didn't get many pictures. If you hand your husband the camera when you go to put your child to bed count on only getting picture like this:
By the time Jimbo fell asleep it was raining and everyone had moved inside to the food. But it wouldn't be Groundhog without a little rain.

PS- Phil said six more weeks of winter this year.... Sorry to all you DC folks, but I will keep it being "winter" here in Phoenix.


  1. NIIIIICE. Way to keep the tradition alive, Tabes!!!!

  2. oooh. wish i was there!!!! someday i'll get to pheonix for a visit to see all you peops!

  3. See I think our groundhog died of frostbite under 3 feet of snow somewhere. Lordy I want to move to the Southwest. Love the old photos!

  4. How about you all just move here so we can really keep this tradition going.... plus, it would make me happy.

  5. let's hope that person in the background is not peeing, as it is me. i do believe i was on the phone with baabee... or kevin said something really offensive and i had to turn away... or i was peeing...

  6. I love the picture of you and Zach, you both look like you're still in college loving Groundhog and all that is absolutely good. One of my favorite memories of this Groundhog was the 5K. Jose Arevelo and I thought it would be most fitting to have a beer stop in the woods. I was helping to set up the cones around campus and everyone started without me. Because I obviously couldn't be that far behind, I just ran out the back of Braniff and skipped the first half mile. Less than a mile into the run I hear a voice calling out me name. It turns out the beer break worked out- we both finished a beer and went on our way. The last mile and a half was the greatest run of my life! (once I got over the burps of course) And I sprinted down the mall to finish with everyone cheering for me. What a great day...