Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sleep schedule

...or lack thereof. I won't go into great detail into Jimmy's sleeping habits, but I will say they are not so great. I really hope they get better soon. Nap time seems to be the bigggest problem and he has taken to waking up maybe an hour into it and then falling back asleep on my shoulder. He won't let me lay him down again usually so I then attempt to sit on the couch and write blog entries while I hold him. Then when my arms get too tired I carefully try to place him on the couch next to me like this:
One day when he was playing at my dad's house, naptime was getting neglected in favor of playing trains until finally he just went off by himself and leaned on a chair for awhile. Zach thought he was having a good poo, but then he pulled himself all the way up and fell asleep.

The other day he fell asleep while eating his lunch. Granted he had woken up around 5:00 that morning, but he still hadn't fallen asleep while eating since he was a little baby so I was shocked when I turned around from washing dishes and his head was on the table. He was still holding an apple in this mouth. I should have gotten a picture of that.


  1. I've just started to really think about the long-term implications of a blog like this.

    No more "Guess what, Jim (that's what he goes by now that he's 20), we're going to pull out the embarrassing photo album with you in the lederhosen and drooling while you're asleep."

    Now it's "Guess what, Jim, now we're going to send your new girlfriend the url of the blog where we fastidiously chronicled your life with bi-weekly updates. Remember that time when you wet yourself during a school recital? It's there. Or how about the time when you drank too much, got lost, threw up all over yourself and spent the night sleeping under the sandwich board for Jimmy's Crab Shack because 'Check it out, this is MY crabshack'?"

    "But mom, that was last week and I was in FLORIDA!"

    "I know son, we followed you. And we're still updating the blog."

  2. Jimmy is just the cutest!! Hope you guys can make it to Farmapalooza again...I'll be sure to have lots of chocolate and chips...hahaha. Also, thanks for links to the YouTube videos. I love them and they make me want a new camera....

  3. Well, Devin... you are probably right. This blog will inevitably become the bain of Jimmy's existence, but at least he won't be able to complain that I never made him a baby book (which I actually keep a real one as well so I will still be able to pull out the old albums to embarrass him in front of his someday girlfriends). However, just you wait my friend. I know as soon as you have kids, you will probably give up your other nature blog and start writing lots of cutesy little things about your little spawn. And then it will eventually become a competition between your blog and our blog to see whose kids are cuter, smarter, and funnier. Because what doesn't become a competition between you and Zach. At least he might actually start contributing to the blog if he had the motivation to beat you at something. So the point is: Have kids soon so they can start competing with ours.

  4. "having a good poo"-- I'm so glad you were finally able to work that phrase into your blog...

  5. Oh, rest assured, I will also ruin my children's life by publicizing every detail of their young lives. And they will totally beat up Jimmy and the rest of the posse you are undoubtedly planning. I know yours will be older on average, but ours will be wilier. Tougher, too... training in the brutal winters of southwestern PA while yours become fat and content in your mild AZ clime.

  6. That is hilarious - my younger brother peter used to fall asleep in the oddest places when he was litte, too. So cute!