Saturday, February 13, 2010

vintage valentines

Happy Valentines Day to All! I realize it is a little late to do these for this year, but I still wanted to share. We decided to make homemade Valentines as a craft project in a mom's group I am in, so I found a bunch of vintage ones online. I just think they are so cute and so much better than anything you find today (Why is that?). I just printed them on card-stalk and cut them out for the most part. Jimmy ended up giving them out to our whole family. I was going to take pictures of the ones I did more clever and crafty things with, but we will see if I ever get around to that. If anyone wants full pages that I put into photoshop for printing purposes, just email me and I will send them (if you have my email already I guess since I am not about to post it here).
Also, Angela Kersting found some more funny ones at this website.

This one is not actually a valentine, but I made it into one. It just cracked me up.

This last one is one of my favorites. I photoshopped it into two pieces so I could print make the spinning wheel. I thought I would share in case anyone feels inspired to make it. Mount the back piece on something hard like matte board and the front piece on poster board, then put a brad in the middle to connect them... And then find out which man will be yours!
Hope all of you find a nice way to spend this silly holiday. I think it is the little things like these that make it a fun day.... and candy is nice too.

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