Thursday, August 26, 2010


I didn't realize that Sorry would actually be a good game for Jimmy already.  We don't have a lot of kids games at our house yet, so we tried this one time and he loved it.  He doesn't completely get the rules, but usually I tell him what to do and he goes along with it.  What I have loved about it is that it has actually taught him all kinds of things.  It has helped him recognize his numbers.  He used to only go up to 10, but thanks to Sorry he can now go all the way to 12!  It has helped him with counting in general since he has to count the spaces.  I have been impressed with his ability to follow the rules and actually remember what most of the numbers mean.... I mean I knew he was a genius, but Sorry is such a complicated game (right Mary and John McMahon?).  It also cracks me up when Jimmy says "Sorry" after he has sent me back to Start with a Sorry Card.  He says it with so much sympathy that I am not sure if he is really just saying sorry because he feels a little bad or because he knows it is the name of the game and is copying what other people say.  I, however, prefer to say it like Gilly.  He usually laughs at me, but I am glad he hasn't caught onto copying that yet.  I don't need to start hearing that when I am asking for a sincere apology, although it would make me laugh.

Anyway, the point is:  Horray for Sorry!


  1. Feel like purchasing this for my kids.thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love sorry!! Sienna loves memory right now and I'm really starting to not love it anymore :) Time for a switch!

  3. Yes, please don't teach Jimmy how to say sorry like Gilly. Really great/annoying Halloween costume for someone, though?

  4. Angela, you read my mind. I totally want to be Gilly for Halloween! However, my costume may depend on what the kids are being and when my baby arrives and such.