Monday, August 16, 2010

our lady of peace cathedral

The Cathedral in downtown Honolulu is the oldest continually active cathedral in the United States.  It is extremely beautiful both inside and out and I thoroughly enjoyed both the masses that I attended there.  The choir was beautiful and traditionally they give every newcomer a shell necklace to welcome them.
Jimmy loved sitting in these balconies so he could peak out the little wholes down at the priest (which reminded me and Nano of "To Kill a Mockingbird") and also he could watch the choir and the organ player which also helped to keep him happy.
I really wanted to get another family picture in front of the church because we were all dressed so nice, but I didn't even ask because I think everyone (mostly my husband) was sick of me taking pictures at this point.  I did take over 1,000 on this trip, which seems a little crazy, but hey it is what I do.  Pour little Jimmy gets mad if he sees the camera come out lately. Hence, just scenic pictures in this post.


  1. Editing comment- oldest Cathedral in continuous use in the USA, not oldest parish. It is a beautiful and historic place, though, not only because it is where Zach went to mass 20 years earlier.

  2. Thanks Papa Weisse. I thought I might have had that wrong. I will change it, just to be accurate.