Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, my son definitely has his parent's genes when it comes to being dramatic.  He can put on a good pout, but mostly what I am referring to his desire to play make-believe all the time.  Usually he wants to act out Disney movies.  This all started with playing Peter Pan with his cousins, but he now he wants to "play a movie" every time we are done watching one.  Jimmy usually still wants to be Michael in games of Peter Pan, but when it is just him and me sometimes he wants to be Peter so I made him a little hat which makes the games seem even more fun to him. 
He also likes to dress up like a fireman and drive around on his digger with a jump rope that he pretends is a hose.  This keeps him occupied for at least a little while, but he usually ends up telling me that I am on fire numerous times and he has to spray water on me while I react dramatically.  Then as soon as I am out and thank him for helping me, he says: "Mama you are on fire again!"  I usually have to distract him by saying, "The couch is on fire hurry over there and put it out."  However, it usally isn't long before I am on fire again.
More later on other ways we "play movies"
... Sometimes I have to get pretty creative.

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  1. Hilarious! I couldn't help but laugh when you were talking about how your kid always wants to play fireman and tells you that you are on fire and tries to put you out. My little one also like to play with many different costumes but his favorite is to play batman. He watches the cartoons everday and when it is over he puts his cape on and wants to go fight crime.