Thursday, August 12, 2010

fort shafter

Well, my posts have been slowly getting out of order chronologically, but oh well at this point.  This one doesn't really have an order too it anyway since I took all the pictures on separate days.  Fort Shafter is the Army base where Zach's parents live.  The famous part of it is called Palm Circle and was where they filmed parts of "From Here to Eternity" (and maybe also "Pearl Harbor", but I can't confirm that having never seen it).  I think getting to live in house on Palm Circle would be one of the major perks of being in the Army, but I think you have to be a general or something to actually live there.  At least living close you get to go for walks through it sometimes. 
This cool old theatre, called the Richardson, was also on the base.  I just really loved the 1950s architecture and the pink and green paint.  They actually use it for plays sometimes, but sadly there was nothing going on when we were there.
In the newer section of the base, they just put in a really nice new pool with sand
... I mean it wasn't the beach, but sometimes it is nice to not have waves.
(Zach put some sort of zinc sunscreen on that didn't like to rub in and I thought he looked like a ghost or a creepy old man.)
There was also a great playground.
...great for playing Peter Pan.
Well, hopefully we can go back and play there again soon?

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