Thursday, August 19, 2010

goodbye hawaii

I can't believe it is more than a month later and I am still posting things about Hawaii.  I guess that means it was an eventful and fun filled trip, but I am ready for them to be done and move onto some more current things happening in our little lives.  So for my last Hawaii post I am throwing together a collection of pictures.  The first are of us cruisin' around in Papa Weisse's (aka Nano, Marty, etc) cool convertible and other adventures in the car... of which there were many since much of our time was spent driving.  At least in Hawaii, the scenery on the drives make them worth the time.
Sometimes Jimmy would get a little antsy and we would have to entertain him with songs and snacks and silly games, but I think he spent most of his car time like this:
There were always lots of rainbows to see. 
Nano says there is always a rainbow somewhere on the island. 
I think it is kind of like Neverland in that way.
Here is one way it is not like Neverland:
I just had to include the picture above because the contrast of the beautiful rainbow and the barbed-wire fence kind of makes me laugh.  Also, I think it is nice to include the imperfections of life in my chronicles.  So many blogs make everything seems so perfect and ideal and I worry when mine starts to seem that way.  It is hard to not have Hawaii seem perfect in pictures, but even Hawaii has lots of poverty and run down buildings that are easy to forget about.  I didn't take pictures of them obviously, but this gives you a little idea.  But let's move on...
On our last night we went to Kona Brewing Company where we got to sit outside with a nice view of the bay as the sun slowly set.
Cheers to Hawaii!
We miss it already, but mostly we miss the people that we saw there.
Thanks for a great trip!

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