Sunday, August 29, 2010

downtown phoenix public library

Jimmy loves when I take him to "The Big Library" downtown instead of just the small branch one by our house.   We made a few treks there this summer to sign up for the Summer Reading Program and then to go collect our prizes (Note to self:  I still have a D-Backs ticket to redeem if it is not too late).  It is obviously more thrilling for many reasons. 
The Glass Elevators are hands down the most exciting part.
We ride to the top just for fun.
The puzzles in the Children's Section are also much more exciting than the ones we have at home.
If he is good, he gets to throw a penny in the "fountain" before we leave.
If I wasn't so bad at returning things on time, then I would probably even let him check out some books. I always just figure it will probably end up being cheaper if I just buy some at Goodwill.
Hopefully, he doesn't even get the concept of checking out books, so he doesn't even ask. 
Someday he will realize that I have been holding out on him.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of our library! FYI it is really easy to renew your books to avoid late fees. You can do it online or just call us and we will do it for you. Please let Jimmy pick out some books the next time you visit -- it's an important part of reinforcing the love of reading!
    Wendy, Youth Services Librarian

  2. Wow, Wendy just made me feel really bad! I swear I read to him all the time! I read to him at the library too! And I know about online renewal and I still forget. How the heck did you find my blog post I am also wondering?

  3. I guess I better let him check on out now.

  4. Guess that was a little Big Brother-ish of me... Google has a feature called Alerts that will scan the web for a search term. I scan for Burton Barr so I can see what our customers are saying, especially if they have concerns or questions. Research shows that it's important to have your own collection of books at home for children, but regularly checking out books from the library is also a wonderful way to create a lifelong reader. BTW any books you check out at Burton Barr can be returned to any Phoenix Library branch. May I ask, have you and Jimmy come to one of our Storytimes? If so, I'd love to know what you thought. You can email me at