Thursday, August 19, 2010

kailua and lanikai

These two beaches are right next to each other and they are two of the most beautiful on the island.  
Kailua is a popular public beach and a lot of people do windsurfing and other water sports there which is cool to watch.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I am pretty sure we had some good naps there.
Lanikai is a private beach a little father down 
(I don't know what the real difference is other than maybe the public ones have potties and lifeguards).  
We spent our last beach day there and it was a great one.  
The waves were really calm so Jimmy could have some good boogie board time without worrying about getting knocked down.  
And he was loving swimming under the water here too.
The sand at these beaches is super fine and soft which usually means it is more cloudy, but the water was actually really clear since the waves were so calm--nearly perfect if you ask me.
Well, of course it was beautiful and a great last beach day.  
We went and got our last Hawaiian Shaved Ice on the way home and that only helped to top off the day.  
Hawaii posts are almost done!

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  1. Very nice, Mary. I look forward to your next post from your next trip!