Tuesday, August 3, 2010

luau at waikiki

Nana and Nano treated us to a really fun night at a traditional Hawaiian Luau.  It was at the Hale Koa Hotel (the Army Hotel) on Waikiki Beach.  
So we hung out at the beach until it was time to for the party.
Diamond Head Crater is in the background here.
This band played music at the beginning while we had drinks and there were lots of fun Hawaiian crafts and things to buy.
Jimmy drank most of my virgin Pina Colada.
Then this Samoan guy climbed up to the top of this Coconut Palm Tree and it was very impressive.
Jimmy loved the Poi Balls.
(I think I am going to make some for him because it looked really easy)
And then we watched them pull the pig out of the pit.
Kinda gross, but so delicious!
There was tons a food to eat, but I decided to pass on the Poi, which I didn't take a picture of, but it basically looks like thick gray paste--yuck!  
Here was our huge delicious plate of food which no one could finish:
Jimmy didn't eat much by way of real food, but he did polish off a lot of this pink Tapioca which no one else liked.  Then he got really antsy and wanted to go home to go to bed so I spent a lot of the night walking around in the back.
Here is a short, not very good video of part of the show.  I mostly was just downloading it to see if my new editor would allow it.  I was surprised it worked so I just decided to leave it.
The fire momentarily distracted Jimmy, but he was not as impressed by the 10 year old fire dancer as I was.  He actually preferred the cheesy MC singing slow songs and told me, "Hey, mom! Let's watch this fun part."  Of course, when I would point out something that actually was cool, he could have cared less.  Oddly enough, however, in seems to remember having fun and even talks about "the guy spinning fire" as if he loved it.  Maybe he just remembers the good things, but that is fine with me.
We ended our night with a little family dancing before Jimmy finally won out.


  1. What a small world! We were at the same Luau last November. And I was mighty impressed by the 10 your old fire dancer as well. If I remember correctly, Fiona just cried through most of the show... Looks like you guys had a great trip!!! I loved Hawaii SO much.

  2. the people in your professional luau picture look like cardboard cutouts.