Sunday, August 1, 2010

koko crater

I wanted to take Jimmy on a short hike somewhere since there are so many amazing trails in Hawaii (and also for myself since I knew fat little pregnant me would not be able to handle much more than my two year old).  Angie suggested hiking the bottom of Koko Crater where there is a beautiful Plumeria orchard.

Jimmy loved hiding under the huge trees and attempting to climb on them.
Zach had more fun playing with the color accent feature of our camera....

ON ANOTHER NOTE: What do you think of my new EXTRA LARGE Pictures?  I am so happy I finally figured out how to do it (even the new editor is apparently the reason that I can't upload video)


  1. Love the black and white photos with the touches of color! You wear pregnancy well.

  2. hey, big photos! lookin' good.
    do you like how often i have been commenting on your blog lately?

  3. i love your hawaii pics, your family is gorgeous and the backdrops aren't bad either! :) i'm glad we can internet stalk each other, it makes life so fun!

  4. I Love love love the color accent photo of you smelling the flowers! Beautiful!!