Sunday, August 15, 2010

hawaiian swap meet

The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is a Weisse family favorite for buying fun Hawaiian souvenirs.  I was having so much fun I hardly took any pictures, but these should give you a general idea.  I highly suggest it to anyone going to Oahu on vacation.  The deals are the best here and they have pretty much any chotchkie you could want.
Nana and Nano were excited to buy Jimmy this "Singing Frog."  It does make a really cool noise when you rub the stick up the frogs back.  I invite everyone to try it next time you are at our house.
Zach got another Tiki Bottle Opener to match the one he already has.  
Know he can keep one in his office where he really needs it.
I got some fun clothes that my fat belly is appreciating.
And I got this fun fabric:
What should I make with it?
I may attempt to make the first piece of clothing that I every wear myself, but I hate to waste this nice fabric on something that will probably turn out average at best.  Maybe I should invest in some muslin first.

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