Sunday, January 10, 2010

target store

When Jimmy was littler we would say "Do you want to go to the Target Store" because it was easier for him to understand then just saying Target. Well, anyway it stuck and he still calls it the Target Store. It was one of his favorite places (admittedly one of mine as well) and he gets so excited when we tell him we are going. The primary reason recently became the Dinosaur pictures below named Spike. He had his own special display box and Jimmy loved to press his button numerous times to watch him stomp and roar. Thank the Good Lord, that he isn't old enough to realize that he could have asked Santa for it. I was luckily still able to brain wash him into wanting what I had already bought for him. Sadly for Jimmy and not so sadly for Zach and I, Spike has left the Target Store. Good thing there are still so many other good things there and the toy aisle will always be exciting. Also, we now live two minutes from SUPER TARGET!

The usual reaction:
Jimmy's second favorite: "Green Dragon"
You press him down and he eats the guy in front of the castle.
Like this:
He also loved all the dinosaurs that you press and they make noise.
These are the perfect toys to play with in the store, but I hope they never make it home to our house.


  1. "I was luckily still able to brain wash him into wanting what I had already bought for him"

    Ah, the deceit and manipulation of a young child. What wonders parenthood affords. :)

  2. AWESOME post. I refer to Target as my husband, Chris' mistress because there is a target across the street from where he works- and he is there almost everyday! I too, love target, and my little G loves it too!