Saturday, January 23, 2010

happy new decade

I realize I am posting this a little late, but I am still playing catch up (at least it is still January). We ended up having a really nice New Year's Eve this year. We didn't have any plans so we figured we should utilize the fact that we can now have parties at our own house (even if it is still slowly getting in order). So at the last minute we started calling all our friends and fortunately at least the Kerstings and the Werners also had not made plans. Jimmy had fun with his new friends Maddy and Pierce and of course he is always excited to see Baby Cia. We ate tamales and black eyed peas and shortbread cookies. Then put the kiddos to bed and played Trivial Pursuit. A pretty chill New Years, but I was happy we had friends to celebrate with.... oh, and we had a huge bottle of Champagne so that helped too.

Happy 2010!

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