Saturday, January 23, 2010

christmas '09

Dad, Danny, and Erin spent Christmas morning at our house this year. I really loved getting to have Christmas at my house especially on the first Christmas that Jimmy really gets it. It was such a nice morning. Jimmy was really excited about his Sesame Street toys and his pots and pans. Santa also graced him with a Kermit puppet, a Woody Doll, some Smurfs, and a few other goodies. Nana and Nano gave him a Thomas train set and his eyes lit up when he opened it. He sported his new soccer Jersey from Angie and Nat all day and kept Grover and Big Bird with him all day. It was a surprisingly low stress day for me and it will definitely be up there on the charts for good Christmases.

I love the Clutter of Christmas.
We had a delicious egg strata that Erin made, pumpkin bread, OJ, coffee, and Bacon!
What could be better?

Later that morning we headed over to Emily's to see the cousins and we also got to see the McMahon's and the Smecks because it wouldn't be a Taber Christmas without them.
Jimmy loved his play food from the Burch's... I really think the kid is going to be a Chef.
A nice Christmas Nap... I wish I had squeezed one of those in.
So it may not snow in Phoenix, but at least we get to do this on Christmas night:
And yet, I definitely feel like I didn't take enough picture this Christmas. I did leave my camera at my dad's and therefore got no pictures of us dressed for Mass, but that is my only good excuse. Jimmy will probably never look back and think that I let him down by not taking enough pictures of his 3rd Christmas, but still I feel like I am slacking. Most people will probably think I am crazy since I posted a lot of pictures here, but I still personally feel I need to do better, to to mention just take better pictures in general. I want a better camera, but alas.... I want a lot of things. I don't mean to complain, I got lots of wonderful gifts this Christmas, primarily a house. I am more than happy with what I have--primarily the wonderful people I have to take pictures of.

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