Saturday, January 23, 2010

boxing day '09

Boxing Day is a traditional British holiday named not after the sport, but instead after actual boxes. On the day after Christmas, people would give their servants small boxes filled with gifts and money. My family is Welsh and English and Irish so we feel we are allowed to celebrate it. Pretty much we just eat our Christmas dinner the day after Christmas because we are too busy on Christmas day to bother with cooking much more than breakfast. Boxing Day has become a day for all of us to relax a little more and just hang out while we make food. We all get party poppers and wear our paper crowns so we can kind of feel British. Then the boys all go outside for an epic game of a giant board game my dad made called Feudal. The girls usually stay inside, cozy on the couch to watch Meet Me in St. Louis (We also love to watch Mixed Nuts as a family, but Danny usually insists to be included). This year was not much different than most--Always a good time.


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  2. Who the hell Wrote the post above? Somebody must have Googled Boxing Day '09? Who knows. I can't imagine they really thought I would care.

  3. Better watch on March 13 to figure this out. Also, where'd you get Christmas Crackers? I love those!