Sunday, January 10, 2010

santa house

For the last two years we never seemed to make it sit on Santa's lap. It was probably mostly because I slacked off, but then again, he probably would have cried anyway. Now that Jimmy is finally getting the concept of Santa, it was time for him to meet the Man with the Bag. There is a really cool house with lots of lights down the street from my sister's house that you can walk around and Santa is there most nights (not exactly the best Santa... I mean the beard is pretty fake). We were allowed to take our own pictures which was nice (and much cheaper than the mall) and Jimmy eventually warmed up to the guy. I had to sit with him because he was pretty unsure at first, but he did finally tell Santa he wanted Sesame Street toys for Christmas and was very excited about the candy cane he got at the end. The candy cane sort of sealed the deal on him liking Santa Clause and he talked about him from then until Christmas (and he still does sometimes).

I was only cold enough to wear these on a few nights, but Jimmy loved them and asked for them more often then they were needed.

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