Sunday, January 31, 2010

"mommy you be wendy and i be michael"

Since Halloween, this has been a favorite saying/game of Jimmy's. When I put him to bed at night he wants to pretend to be these characters. Sometimes this involves me singing "Your Mother and Mine" and rocking him and sometimes it just involves us doing our normal routine and changing our names. Wendy and Michael Darling are the most popular, but here are a few others I often hear:

-"You be the whale and I be Pinocchio." (oddly his favorite part of that movie)
-"You be the tiger and I be Baloo."
-"You be Mr. Fredrickson (or something close to that) and I will be Russell."

The above may make you think my son's life revolves around Disney movies, but just to prove that is not the case, here are a few more:

-"You be Aunt Emmy and I be Tinny." (...or Finny--I think he is starting to say it right, sadly)
-"You be Angela and I be Baby Cia."
-"You be Suzanne and I be Baby Margie."
-"I be Baby Kateri and you be... her momma." (sorry he couldn't remember your name Allie)
and my personal favorite:
-"You be Mary and I be Baby Jesus."-- proof that we teach him about some important things.

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