Saturday, January 9, 2010

moving day!

We were so excited the day we got the key to our new house. It was Thursday Dec. 10, 2009. I will never forget how great it felt.

Our Home Tour by Jimmy:
I love our address sign
Jimmy's "Treasure Box"
This is one of his favorite spots. It is supposed to be the mail box, but the people that lived here before us covered the original box with the new seen above. Jimmy puts all the weird little treasures that we have found around the house in it (ie: little blocks, marbles, chalk, Legos, Playmobiles, beads, nuts and washers, real coins and fake gold ones, etc). I wanted to take the new mailbox down because I think the old one is so cool, but I think Jimmy would be disappointed not to have it as his own. Yeah I am a sucker for him.
Our Living Room
Our Fireplace
Some people say impractical in Phoenix. I say awesome.
(It's gas, but we want to make it wood burning someday)
Our Kitchen
I love the old tile and cabinets--just my style. The color has to go and so do those rooster curtains.... not that they aren't fabulous in their own way. (Maybe I will frame one kind of how Uncle Jesse on Full House had a framed pink bunny from when he lived in Stephanie's old room.)
Our Everything Room
(ie: Mary's Office and Studio/ Craft Room/ Guest Room)
These strange built in shelves will soon be filled with all my junk. Hooray!
1st Bathoom
Again, I love the tile and the funky green bathtub.
2nd Bathroom
The Jack and Jill
(There are more bedrooms and stuff, but the pictures were pretty boring so I didn't include them all.)
Sun Room
Backview of House
Our Backyard
It is not quite as tree filled anymore. Some of them were dying and there was actually so much shade that we wouldn't have been able to get grass. There is also a weird shed in the middle of the yard surrounded by a fence. We hope to get rid of that soon too.
I just had to include this. We have two lamp posts like this in our backyard.
Kind of funny, but Emily's kids are very excited to play Narnia at our house.
Jimmy's backyard Buddies: The birds and Rocky Raccoon.

And they left us a swing set which Jimmy obviously loves. He refers to this one as "The Pirate Ship Swing."
On Sat. Dec. 12 we unloaded the storage unit and started cleaning. We officially moved in on Tuesday Dec. 15 when we spent our first night in the house. It was such an amazing feeling. We hadn't been in our own place since before Jimmy was born. However, if saving money living with family helped allow us to buy this house then it was completely worth it. It was a frustrating process trying to buy a house over this past year and so many things kept not working in our favor. Now that we are in this house, it just feels right. Everything really does happen for a reason. I feel so blessed.

Jimmy did refer to this house as "The house with the swing" for such a long time before we actually owned it. There had been a kids swing in the front yard that he would swing in every time we would come look at the house. They took it down when they sold us the house, but fortunately we had our own so that Jimmy wouldn't be too disappointed. However, now he just calls it "Our Home."


  1. You house is awesome. I can't wait to see how you make it your own!

  2. Congrats Mary!! Looks awesome. I'm a huge fan of the Narnia lamposts too...tell Jimmy I said hiiii!!

  3.'s such a lovely house!!! I can't wait to see it in person. And ditto about the awesome lamposts!!