Friday, May 27, 2011

ud graduation

Natalie gradutated! Hurray! We can't believe it!...Okay, we never really doubted that she would. She is a little smarty pants physics major. We were ever so happy to be in attendance, especially since the weather was not sweltering hot as is the normal tradition for UD's outdoor ceremony. The Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth spoke and made many nice references to the traditions of UD and in general the speakers were good. Sure the kiddos got restless and some of the grown-ups did too, but all in all it was nice as far as long ceremonies go.
This picture is mostly unrelated to the event, but I just thought they were cute.
"Super Dave", the long time UD Campus Safety Officer also thought Gus was pretty cute and wanted to take pictures of him. Mostly it was the fact that I had put him in his Groundhog onesie made by Angela Kersting.
And then we got up close for the important part of the show.
Because Natalie is just so special, she got to carry a flag in the front of the graduates.
Of course, Jimmy thought that was cool, but I figured after Aunt Nat walked by, he would not care about watching everyone else slowly walk out of their rows. No, I was very wrong. We had to sit and patiently watch every person leave. The grads at the end of the line didn't even look like they wanted to be there anymore, but Jimmy did. I actually think he just liked the band with all the trumpets playing on the balcony above, but after that long of a ceremony I am surprised he wasn't crying to go home or running amuck like a crazy person.
Our cute little graduate with her mama and papa.
And a smooch from her big brother.
And then the whole family attempted to get a picture and I will not go into anymore details about how difficult this was or the giant crisis it caused. I don't want to think about it anymore.
Congratulations Aunt Nat! You are all done.... Oh, wait, no you aren't. You are going to stay an extra year and get a BA in Philosophy just because. Have fun with that. We love you and all, but we won't be doing a second graduation for you.

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