Tuesday, May 24, 2011

finn's star wars party

Since a certain sister of mine has been neglectful of her blog, I figured I'd better do a little post about Finn's 4th Birthday. That is right, sister: this is a guilt trip... well, not really. We actually just had a lot of fun and I had cute pictures I wanted to share.
I think this picture pretty much sums it up:
But here are a few more highlights just because.
It wouldn't be Finn's special day if chocolate milk wasn't present.
And this guy just sort of crawled around the yard a lot. I can't stop him these days.
Jimmy even sported his Darth Vader t-shirt because "He is Finny's favorite."
This is the same reason we made him a card with Darth Vader on the front, but we had to put R2D2 on the back because that is Jimmy's favorite. He hasn't even seen the movie, but I suppose he chose this as his favorite because he likes to play with the R2D2 toy at the Burch's and he has a weird love of robots.
Good times had by all. But my sister and I still really want to make these.

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