Wednesday, May 25, 2011

club schmitz

Our first stop after getting off the airplane in Dallas was Club Schmitz, a long time University of Dallas hangout. I have to admit that in my time at UD I think I only went there twice, but I guess I am not the best representative of my school's drinking habits. As far as bars go, it is a pretty fun one. It is just a little hole-in-the-wall burger and beer joint with a shuffleboard table that makes it all the more fun.
Here is a picture of it from back in the day (it hasn't changed much):
We had a little UD reunion of sorts with all the people that still live in Dallas and a few that were also in from out of town. There was a great crowd and it was so fun to see people that I hadn't seen in so long. There were actually so many people that I didn't get to talk to nearly as many as I wanted. The time flew by and I was far more focused on conversation than pictures, but here are a few that are representative of the night:
Shuffle board was a big hit with the kids and hence nobody else got to play for most of the night.
Despite a few banged fingers, this kept them happy for hours.
Zach and his old friend John were so proud to show off their adorable offspring.
There were plenty of little ones running about. Babies in bars is pretty much how we roll.
Gus was popular with the ladies and he even learned how to send text messages with his mouth.
I wish I could have gotten a group shot since there were so many people there, but then I would have had to be that annoying person... wait a second, I never mind being that annoying person for the sake of a picture. I actually just was having too much fun to stop and think about it.


  1. Oh Mary!!! I loved that place!!!!! Love seeing the next generation hanging out there too :)