Monday, May 2, 2011

lent is obviously over....

This is a special little present to myself. I am actually eating both of them right now while I write about them. I should be prepping for my class tomorrow, but that would ruin the fun of eating these late at night when my children are sleeping. I actually was dreaming about doing this during Lent because that is when I found out about the new Jimmy Fallon flavor. However, mostly due to this little battle I saw one night, I had to get both kinds and eat them side by side as if the are best friends. After all, I love Steven Colbert very much, too, and I have been neglectful in trying his flavor. I love Ben and Jerry's and all, but it is just too expensive for the small amount you seem to get and I am, after all, a cheapskate. I guess I got spoiled when I worked at a resort in Vermont one summer and could have it for free all the time. If I saw their Oatmeal Cookie flavor in the stores, I may splurge more often. If you want my opinion on these two, here it is: they are not all that different. Both are vanilla base (Jimmy's is Vanilla Bean) and they have a Carmel Swirl through it (Jimmy's is salty) and they both have chocolate covered goodies inside. Colbert's is waffle cone which is classic and delicious and allows me to eat out of the carton and still have the joy of the cone. Jimmy's is potato chip. I know, kinda weird, but it is pretty good. Though, I keep eating it and concentrating really hard on whether it is actually good, or whether I just want it to be. I mean. I like potato chips, and I like ice cream, and love Jimmy Fallon, so it should all add up... but it is a little weird. I am intrigued enough to keep going back for more bites, but I think Colbert wins this contest. Jimmy Fallon still wins in cuteness. Now if I could just stay up late enough to eat this while I watch their shows...


  1. Okay, I have to change my opinion slightly. I revisited both flavors last night. I started with just Colbert and after eating it for awhile I switched to Jimmy Fallon and was kind of digging on it more. I really like its saltiness, especially after just having the sweet for awhile. I am still a little uncertain about the actual potato chips, but ultimately I think you should always eat both flavors together because they balance each other out and sort of cleanse your palette.

  2. You mean you didn't finish them in one sitting? Is that not what most people do?

  3. I finished about half of each which is like finishing one.