Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter time 2011

Despite being late this year, Easter snuck up like a whirlwind--probably because I thought I had more time. But I did get a few projects done that were fun. I was feeling like our house needed some flowers, but since I usually kill real ones I went with these:
They may not smell nice, but they will most likely get to come out again next year which is more than I can say for real flowers.
Here is a fun craft I found which makes a simple easter egg garland out of paint swatches. I got my mom's group to all make them and it was easy and so cheap. I only bought the string. Although, the guys in the paint section of Home Depot probably thought I was either very indecisive or I have a huge house to paint. Let's just say I took such a huge stack that I kind of felt like I was stealing. I have a lot more eggs cut out for a similar project that is just going to have to wait until next year. (Note the classy binky on my mantle... It has probably been there for months since Gus doesn't use them anymore... that's how we roll. Only the most professional photography goes on our blog)
Of course, we did some traditional egg dying on Holy Saturday, but I have no pictures of our handiwork.
They all got turned into egg salad before I could.
Jimmy loved coloring on them.
On Easter morning Baabee and Uncle Danny came over before we went to church for a little egg hunt and a breakfast of Orange Rolls, Fresh Squeezed OJ, and Bacon (you can't not have bacon on Easter!... at least not in our house). The Easter Bunny had filled the boys' baskets with all sorts of treats like Legos and a chocolate bunny for Jimbo and plastic links and baby food for Gus-bo (yeah, we call him that sometimes now). Then Jimmy found the eggs he had hidden in our yard. Good thing he didn't have any competition because he is a poky little puppy.
This picture captures one of the many times he told me he found an egg. He would never just pick it up; he would point, and tell me, and then oftentimes forget to actually pick it up until I reminded him. This is the "F" in found:
Gus was just as happy as always.
Jimmy shared this one egg with Gus because it was the tiniest one, and, therefore, the Easter Bunny must have meant it for the tiniest person in our family.
After an outdoor mass at St. Thomas we went to the Werner's house for a lovely lunch of ham and all sorts of delicious sides and deserts. Then, the kids had another egg hunt.
Good thing Jimmy had the practice round at our house because he was much better this time around.
Gus was again the happy spectator.
Jimmy and Pierce checking the loot:
All the kiddos... and Zach.
We attempted to get family picture of all our friends:
The Werners, Bertains, and Kerstings.
And then they unsuccessfully tried to get one of us, but we have a pterodactyl in the family who was making seemingly angry faces, but in fact "that is just how pterodactyls smile."
Then later he changed his mind because he "wanted a nice picture to put in the family photo book" (I may have put that idea in his head) and he decided that "pterodactyls actually smile two ways and this is how the other way looks"....
Of course, by that point Gus was asleep and the lighting is weird on my face, but good enough.
After some not long enough naps, we headed over to Em and Pete's for a simple egg salad sandwich dinner and game/movie night. It was a fun filled day, but I was ready to sleep by the end.
Happy Easter. Christ is Risen!


  1. Love the flowers... but I think I love your sleeping baby more!!!

  2. You and your family are so precious! I love your paint/chip garland!
    Happy Easter~

  3. I was seriously just about to write almost the exact same thing that "the boring blogger" Kathleen wrote! I'm jealous of your cute family pics! I failed (as usual) to get one of us :(