Thursday, May 26, 2011

ud grad gala

One of the main reasons for our trip was that Zach's youngest sister Natalie was graduating. The night before the UD graduation there is always a Gala for the grads and their families. It is always a night of dancing and fun, but it holds a special meaning for Zach and I because it is the anniversary of the night we got engaged. Here we are back then:
And here we are these days.... we have both grown small children on our hips.
It was fun having the kids there, but well.... let's just say it was a little different than I was used to. Zach and I only got one dance in, but Jimmy was all about the band and dancing with me and his aunties. I wish I had gotten pictures because it was pretty cute. Well, I got some other cute ones at least.
My goofball:
And my dearest friend from college, Bess, graced us with her presence.
There were also lots of scary dinosaurs sneaking up on people.
And look, a whole family of pterodactyls...
We partied till the end but I had to retire to the hotel with the kids. Zach went with his sisters and Dad to an after-party which ended up being in his old apartment in his old room...weird.

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