Wednesday, January 5, 2011

thanksgiving weekend '10

This Thanksgiving was the first one in our house.  I was excited to host this wonderful day in my own home.  Aunts Erin, Angela, and Natalie all came in from out of town and we were also joined by Uncle Danny, my Dad (aka Baabee) and my Dad's brother Tom and his son Tommy Boy.  Everyone chipped in to make the food and it was all ever so delicious. And one of the best parts of having the meal at your own house is that you get to keep the leftovers.
We recreated THIS picture we took at Jimmy's first Thanksgiving.
Jimmy was asleep when we did his.  Gus on the other hand was not so happy about it.  
This is the only picture were you can't tell he was screaming.  
We like to torture our children for the sake of a funny picture.  What can I say?
 For the next month, Jimmy refered to Aunt Nat as the "one who wore overalls."
Aren't they cute?
 My siblings and I all agree that Gus looks a lot like Uncle Tom because of his big round face.
Does Gus look like an old man or does Uncle Tom look like a baby?  
The world may never know.
Gus got in on some Apples to Apples.
 And then when we all finally had room for pie we sat out by the fire to eat it.
Jimmy got lots of attention from his Aunts and they learned all about "Dinosaur Ball."
Jimmy inherited all of Zach's old Legos this weekend.  Aunt Nat brought a huge old box of them and the Burch kids came over to go crazy building stuff.  I think Jimmy is not quite ready for them yet, but he does enjoy playing with things other people make for him.  They don't stay intact long and I find lots of little pieces scattered about the house, but such will be most of my life with boys.  I thought we could have given them to him a little more gradually so that he would appreciate them more, but oh well--too late now.  We did manage to save Zach's old caste as a Christmas present and the kids all did have a ton of fun.  Our family room looked like this or worse all day.
 Zach and Jack were both thrilled to play one of their favorite games: Settlers of Catan.
 Nap time... or really more like crash time.
We had a visit from the Tiptons who were in town from Houston:
 Uncle John, Aunt Karen, and cousins Philip and Cassie.
Then we celebrated Aunt Erin's Birthday!
 My goofy sisters-in-law.  I swear it was their first glass of wine.  They are just naturally like that.
 And, of course, Mimi came and got a little Gus time.
I thank God for my wonderful family.


  1. Oh my goodness! I looove Settlers of Catan! Hope you're doing well with two!

  2. We are obsessed with Settlers too! I got Justin Seafarers of Catan for Christmas!

  3. I love that both these comments are about Settlers of Catan. People get really excited about that game. It is really fun, but Angela Kersting and I got a little sick of it when our husbands became so obsessed that they would play it with each other online while sitting next to each other on separate computers and then they wouldn't talk to us. Let's just say I was happy the day it was no longer free on the internet. When it no longer involves social interaction it stops being fun in my opinion. My nephew Jack got Seafarers too so we will have to try that soon. Katy, you guys should come to Phoenix soon. Margot told me to tell you to move here. Just saying, we would play Settlers of Catan with you.

  4. Margot lost her right to tell me where to live when she abandoned me for the desert. We probably will come over the summer or something. Spring break is out because Justin is doing the one act competition with his students then. But we would LOVE to come play settlers (I didn't know you could play online, which is good, I would never see Justin again). I'd also like to meet your children. Caroline loves looking at their pictures with me.