Monday, January 10, 2011


A little bit behind the times these days, but don't expect me to get caught up for at least another month.  I am starting a new job next week teaching Intro to Tech Theatre at a nearby community college so that will be keeping me busy.  And seeing as I feel the need to chronicle every event in our lives, this past December is going to take me awhile.  It was a busy and fun month, but there is something nice about getting back to a little normalcy.  Here is what I would have said back at the beginning of Advent...

Advent is such a wonderful time a preparation and anticipation.  Sure there is a ton of fun secular Christmas stuff to do, but I feel extra spiritual this time of year.  There is something about putting up Nativity scenes all over my house that reminds me of how blessed I am.  I guess I just get so used to the religious things I have up year round.  I love having them always present, but there is something nice about things that you just bring out once a year.  I love Nativities so much.  I have so many and I would still be excited to get more.  
Here is Jimmy being excited to blow out the candle on the advent wreath.  This picture was probably taken at least two weeks into Advent.  The wreath was empty until then because I needed to find candles so then we just burned them down accordingly so we would look like we had been doing it all along.  I have stalked up for next year though so I will be prepared next time.   I don't no why I feel the need to share these things, but I do-- Something about embracing the imperfections in life.
I am trying to teach him "the true meaning of Christmas" but when you are three it is hard to not think mostly about Santa and presents.  I try to emphasize that the reason we get presents is because it is Jesus' birthday and we are celebrating that.   Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough to instill Christianity into him other than take him to Church... which he usually complains about.  We pray together and I try to read him stories, but who knows how much he really gets.  I know he is only three so I shouldn't expect a lot, but he does at least ask a lot of questions and I answer them as best as we can.  I love that during Advent there are reasons that make our faith so fun and exciting for him.  We have a few Nativity scenes that Jimmy loves to play with and he loves reading the Nativity story.  We only have one "removable" baby Jesus that comes out of the manger so we found a special hiding place for that one until Christmas Eve.  I love this time of year.

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  1. I think planting those seeds are so important even if they stare blankly at you! Good job Mama! Also when they get older, Ikea cinnamon rolls and Jesus go very well together....