Tuesday, January 4, 2011

mom's birthday in del mar

This year my family decided to make November 15th a celebration again.  For my mom's birthday, my siblings and I all got together in Del Mar, CA.... and Gus got to tag along too.  Del Mar has a special meaning for all of us.  My parents lived there when Erin and Emily were born and my mom always took us back there for vacations.  It was one of her favorite places.  We stayed at our favorite little dive motel that is right on the beach front.  Emily has a lot more pictures so I may update this later when I have a few more shots, but in my desire to get caught up to Christmas, I had to post what I had. 
Mom would be very excited that they now have Adirondack chairs (her favorite) that face the ocean.
Gus had his first nap on the beach.
And he put his little feet in the ocean for the first time
... well, okay I kind of helped/forced him.

We miss you and love you Mom!


  1. Gus with the sunglasses is priceless. What an awesome trip.