Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our friends the Werners had a traditional Posada at their house in December. I was familiar with the tradition, but I looked up some of the history. Apparently, it is normally a nine day celebration celebrated from Dec. 16th to 24th.  Its origins are in Spain, but it mostly celebrated in Mexico and Guatemala.  The basic idea is to recreate the Nativity story.  As the guest we all held candles and began with a prayer.  Some of the children dressed as Mary, Joseph, and Angels led the group through the neighborhood.  Then we walked to the designated houses seeking shelter.  We would sing a carol all together and then the "innkeepers" would refuse shelter and we would keep walking.  At the last house (the Werners) we were all invited in and the celebration began.
They had a great party in their backyard with lots of food and fire and crafts for the kids.
A star-shaped pinata filled with treats is a Posada tradition for the children.
And I included these babies because they are cute: 
Gus, Kolbe, and Avery.
Thanks Werners for a wonderful time.

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