Sunday, January 30, 2011

christmas cookies

Our first cookie ventures of this past Christmas was making some sugar cookies for Jimmy and some buddies to cut out and decorate. I was excited to break out all our old cookie cutters that I haven't used since I was a little girl.  Jimmy loved the rolling and cutting, but he pretty much left the frosting up to me.  
His favorite part was adding the sprinkles.
They weren't the tastiest, but Jimmy loved them.  I prefered looking at them to eating them, so most of them sat out until they were hard and stale.
The next cookie venture was my family's traditional shortbread.  I can't share the recipe because it is a family secret (our only good one I suppose), but I will share some pictures of the process.
The best part is when you get to stick your hands in all the butter and mix it all together.
Then you have to bake them for just the right amount of time so we pretty much just watch them and wait.
Top them off with powedered sugar.
And of course, the best part is eating them. 
And this picture just cracked me up.
Then I put them out where they were always within my reach.
I ate more than my fair share.  I made plates of them for my neighbors in an attempt to meet more of them, but I ended up being kind of happy when a lot of them weren't home and there were more left for me.  They are the best cookies ever after all.  It is a good thing we only make them once a year.

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