Monday, January 31, 2011

holiday decorations

Just a few of the things that filled my house with some extra cheer for a month.
I love my fireplace!... even if we only have a few months we can actually use it.  Note Gus' unfinished stocking that still looks just like that.  Late on Christmas Eve I was frantically trying to finish it and finally just gave up and sewed it closed so I could fill it with stuff.  I realize Gus could have cared less, but it was a personal goal I had set for myself and Jimmy wanted Santa to be able to leave things for Gus, too (which was sweet).  I was happy with how it looks so far, but it needs some finishing touches.  Now it is sitting by my sewing machine and I am not allowed to start anything new until it is done.  Hopefully, by next Christmas.
This Christmas tree was my grandma's, but she used to keep it up year round.  Poor little Mrs. Claus used to be on top kissing Santa but she lost her head.  I had to re-glue Santa facing forward so he wouldn't look so pathetic.
And I LOVE Little Golden Books, but these ones are extra special and only come out at Christmas.
Jimmy loved reading them at night by the fire while we drank hot cocoa.  He was said that tradition had to end.  (Note to self: Hot cocoa before bed is a bad tradition to start in the first place.)
My favorite part of our Christmas evenings was listening to our old records on the record player.

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