Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shumana pumana botkin

This is phrase that Jimmy made up.  He says it means, "It's good."
When he says it very slow it is "shuman de puman de botkin" (and he will correct your pronunciation if you are wrong).  Zach and I have taken to saying it as well although we are not always sure of its correct usage.

Sometime this summer Jimmy just started making up words and names for everything.  A lot of them seemed to begin with the letter P and many were more noises than actual words, such as "Psssht." Most things were refered to as "Pintz."  This would be a name for his stuffed animals or an ingredient in imaginary food he was making.  Aunt Angie will surely never forget the "Cheerios Car" that shot Pintz Cupcakes out the back when it drove.  Delicious!

Also for the sake of recording precious memories, Jimmy's best mispronunciations that have stuck despite the progression in the rest of his vocabulary:


  1. i loooooove jimmy! <3

    see you guys at thanksgiving? :)

  2. A shum and a pum and a botkin. What's so hard to understand?

  3. Hey, my sister called the remote a camote, and I still do sometimes. I think it's a very clever little contraction. Jimmy's on to something.