Thursday, September 2, 2010


Just a little bragging, but Jimmy has gotten so good at practicing writing his letters.   He loves these Dry Erase Cards and they have really helped him learn so much.  I had to take pictures of them since I can't exactly preserve them in his baby book.  
Now we are practicing on paper, too.  He did, however, think that he could erase letters in crayon so there has been a little bit of transitioning to the real thing.  I am so glad he has finally taken to this sort of thing because not only am I happy to see him learning, it helps keep him entertained inside for such a longer time than it ever did before. More on his amazing drawing skills later.


  1. Those are awesome cards -- I'll have to make a mental note of those for later! Also...what a little fine motor skill stud!

  2. That is amazing!!! Sienna pales in comparison with her shower door "s" for Sienna abilities....